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TSI Yarns is recognized for the innovative air-jet texturing solutions it creates for its demanding textile clients. As the only independent ISO 9001 accredited specialty business of its type it provides reliable, certified, yarns that help clients benefit from improved weaving/knitting economies and equips them with technology-led advantages to develop new market opportunities.

Our portfolio of 10,000 and growing texturing, interlacing and commingling specifications reflects our commitment of focus on creating specialized yarns tailored to each client's needs for over 30 years.

A call or e-mail can put TSI Yarns' R&D team only days away from delivering a unique solution that differentiates you from your competitors.

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TSI Yarns' North American owned and operated business has research, development and manufacturing headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia.  Its highly-flexible manufacturing capabilities have the capacity to deliver over 450,000 pounds of specialty textured yarns, week in, week out.  Examples include multi-ply 40 denier apparel nylons, 11,000 denier high-tenacity technical polyesters, and 45,000 denier plus tough heavyweight specialties with superior dynamic abrasion resistance and enhanced coatability for mechanical rubber goods and other demanding heavy-duty industrial applications.

In addition, TSI Yarns expertise in producing commingled yarns from dissimilar filaments, oftentimes aramids and glass fibers, in hybrid structures with superior processing, mechanical and fire resistance characteristics is recognized as world class.


Thank you for your interest.  We are only a quick call or e-mail away from giving you new specialty yarn solutions to expand your business opportunies.

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615 Walker Road, Martinsville, VA 24112
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P.O. Box 3631, Martinsville, VA 24115

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