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Specialty Yarn Families

TSI Yarns's Tensa, Sentas™, Aligis and Lenta™ specialty yarn families are exclusive collections of innovative yarn designs created using unique propriety texturing, commingling and interlacing technologies. They are performance-tailored to enable apparel, upholstery, and technical clients build new and expanded design-led business opportunities.


Superior Grip Yarns

Provide enhanced reinforcement adhesion performance in coated goods, and mimic the wet handling properties demanded for rope, cordage, and mooring line applications.


Natural Character Yarns

Faithfully replicate both the hand and the look of cotton and wool in structures that deliver premium durability for apparel and upholstery fabrics.


Mélange Style Yarns

Unlimited range of boutique muted and earth-toned variated yarns specifically suited for residential and contract carpet, rug and upholstery demands.


Tough Heavyweight Yarns

Highly durable yarns, with superior dynamic abrasion resistance, optimized for high strength and use in mechanical rubber goods and other demanding heavy-duty industrial applications.

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